Creative Solutions


Imaginative.  Insightful.  Inspiring.  The three “i”s that come to mind when taking in the diversity, depth and outstanding quality of David Simchock’s photography.  In today’s fast-paced world where instant gratification rules supreme, and written “communication” is often condensed to 140 characters or less, the choice of imagery for your publication, website, or company / product marketing materials can make or break whether your message is being “heard”.  Quite simply, your photos can be the difference between success and failure.

New York Times Travel Section - Easter Island Cover Photo
No matter how slick your choice of words may be, the “hook” often comes down to a single photograph, or group of photographs, and not a catchy headline.  Given that, shouldn’t compelling, top-quality imagery be at the top of your list of priorities when laying out your editorial or your commercial project?

Of course it should!

Your unique “problems” deserve unique, creative solutions, and that is exactly what David Simchock strives to deliver to each and every one of his clients.  David knows that your choice of imagery is a “differentiator”.  It cannot be compromised. You’re not likely to get that second chance to make a first impression.  And, that is precisely why David is so focused on creating effective solutions through his photography.

His “creative solutions” can be broken down into four distinct areas:

TRAVEL:  Are you an editor for a travel publication?  David’s vast experience living and traveling overseas comes through in the vibrancy and truth of his photographs.  People.  Places.  Things.  Nature.  He and his Nikon cover the gamut that this wonderful planet has to offer.  Visit the Travel Portfolio to see a sample of David’s colorful and insightful work from around the world.

EDITORIAL:  Are you an editor for a Western North Carolina lifestyle or news publication?  Think of David’s “local” photojournalism skills as an extension of his “travel” photography skills.  Though he is relatively new to Appalachia, it hasn’t taken David long to build up an impressive collection of images from the region.  Check out his North Carolina Portfolio to see examples of his efforts, ranging from Asheville to the back country of Appalachia.

Trombone ShortyMUSIC:  Being an award-winning concert and festival photographer requires more than just high-quality gear and a command of photographic exposure.  It requires passion, and the uncanny ability to anticipate the perfect moment.  And, of course, to take that good gear and technical skills to weave the moment into the camera’s pixels.  No stage is too small nor too distant for David.  But, that doesn’t mean that he limits himself to the obscurities of the music scene.  With photo credits featuring the likes of BB King, Cold Play, Roger Waters (of Pink Floyd), and Jay Z, just to name a few, from venues up and down the East Coast (and New Orleans), David is no stranger to the big stage.  “Listen” to his work in the Music Portfolio section of this website.

COMMERCIAL:  Though creative David’s roots lay in photojournalism, there is no denying the overlap between his editorial and commercial endeavors.  His background in corporate America and Europe, particularly in the energy sector, has led him to provide his services to a variety of commercial clients, from fellow artists, to solar energy companies, to the catering sector.  Visit the Commercial Portfolio for a closer look at David’s commercial capabilities.

CREATIVE SOLUTIONS:  It is sometimes said that “problems” are simply “opportunities for solutions”.  Your thoughtful selection of a “solution provider” can pay big dividends.  Think of David as your ally for success when it comes to your photography needs, and rest assured that he will deliver a product that is imaginative, insightful and inspiring.