Where can I find more examples of David’s work?

The DSP galleries are intentionally kept limited in size.  To see more of David's work, best bet is to visit his Flickr site.  David's Flickr collections can be found HERE. For a concentration of David's "music" photography, check out www.FrontRowFocus.com You can also find a vast portfolio of David's work offered as fine art prints on:  www.DavidSimchockFineArt.com

Are David’s images available as “stock” photography?

Yes.  There are essentially three options to license David's work.  1)  Directly through him.  2)  Through Getty Images (www.GettyImages.com).  3)  Through Fine Boy Fine Arts (www.FarmBoyFineArts.com).  Though David distributes some of his work through these two stock agencies, he maintains a large portion of his library for his own licensing efforts.

What are David’s fees for assignment / commissioned work?

As every project is different, with its own creative and logistic demands, David does not have any set fees for his services.  Prior to quoting work, David will discuss your project with you, and help you to develop a specification of what you require.  Once this spec is established, he will furnish a quotation based on 1) A Creative Fee;  2)  Usage Fees; and, 3) Expenses.

David has quite an interesting background. Is he available for speaking engagements?

Absolutely!  David has conducted entertaining and informative presentations for a variety of organizations, from Rotary Clubs to Camera Clubs to private and public schools.  If you are interested in having David speak with your organization, please to discuss the details.

What kind of gear does David use?

David has been a Nikon shooter almost since Day 1 of launching his business.  He loves his D750 and D800 bodies, and complement of Nikkor lenses.  David also has an array of portable lighting options, including Nikon speedlights and Elinchrom studio lights.  All of David's work is now shot digitally with Nikon RAW files, processed through Adobe software products.

What happened to Vagabond Vistas Photography?

During his days in New Jersey, Vagabond Vistas (David's original photography venture which was founded in early 2003) became known for its photography instruction (now called Vagabond Vistas Photo  Tours).  So, his creative services (shooting and artwork) were spun off into David Simchock Photography (DSP).  Today, DSP is solely dedicated to David's shooting services, with his "fine art" now featured under its own brand, David Simchock Fine Art.  

Does David teach photography workshops?

Yes.  All of David's teaching services, including workshops, photo tours and private instruction, are offered through his business, Vagabond Vistas Photo tourswww.VagabondVistas.com

How can I purchase fine art prints of David’s work?

To purchase David's prints, please visit:  www.DavidSimchockFineArt.com

Does David have a studio? Where is it?

Up until December 2013, David operated a "retail" studio / gallery in Asheville's River Arts District.  To provide more flexibility in his schedule, with the ultimate benefit to his clients, he now operates his business operations out of his home.      

Does David shoot weddings and / or portraits?

Yes, and no.  In the past, David has actively pursued this type of work, but he is currently concentrating on his Travel, Music, Editorial and Commercial endeavors.  If you admire David's candid, photojournalistic style, and are interested in discussing wedding or portrait work with him, please contact him to discuss the details of your project.

In the “Things” section of the Travel Portfolio, was the white duckling “Photoshopped”?

Absolutely not!  What you see in this photo was exactly what was seen when David clicked his Nikon's shutter.  These are ducklings in a basket at a Vietnamese market.  There was no setting up of the shot, and there was certainly no Photoshopping done.  In fact, the image was captured with film.